Experience nature. Meet people.

"Only where you were on foot, you have really been." Already John Wolfgang von Goethe knew that hiking sharpens the view of the beauty of nature and incidentally also good health benefits. And no matter which path you take, the path is the destination. Whether you are mountain hiking in the Alps and staying at the mountain huts high up the peaks of the mountains. Or if you follow the traces of antiquity on the island of Crete or if you want to conquer the castles and palaces along the Middle Rhine Valley on your walk. Whether it pulls you along the sea on craggy coastal paths to the outermost landmarks of our continent; or you just want to "hear" the silence high on Mt. Fuji as the sun rises over the horizon in the morning.

It is exactly these unique moments that make our hikes special.

"Our certified guides are specialized in the hiking regions of the world, are experienced and sensitive. Together we plan the hiking tours, discuss what works, determine the character of the tour. "...because hiking should be fun, serve relaxation and be in harmony with nature."

Our current hiking trips: