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WALKING EVENTS 2024 Schedule

The IML Walking Association (International Marching League) is an international non-profit organization. It was founded in 1987 from various international marching/walking events. The founding members, under the motto "NOS JUNGAT AMBULARE" (Latin for "May walking unite us"), were the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Japan, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The aim of the organization is to increase awareness of walking as a healthy sport, to discover new countries and their landscapes and cultures "on foot", to create international friendships and to cultivate them beyond national borders. IML marches are never competitions where, for example, speed is important. The experience of walking and culture is always in the foreground.

The minimum requirement for a successful participation in the IML ranking is a march of at least two days with a daily distance of at least 20 km. Completing three different events counts as a series.

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