For more than 25 years, P.T.A. TOURS has specialized in creating customized tours that are perfectly tailored to your wishes and needs.

With our experience and knowledge of local conditions, as well as our selected partners around the world, we offer you unique travel experiences to discover new places and experience new cultures.

Experience the world in a different way, for unforgettable emotions - for unique journeys...!

This is what I want to experience ... ⇒ My customized journey...

And here we are...


Andrea Baumeister
Distribution / Production / CEO

Creative head for individual travel. Center of excellence and destination specialist. Fulfills the special travel wishes with enthusiasm.... And quite incidentally our boss.

Thomas Baumeister

Responsible for the back office. Responsible for the creative design of the brand identity.

Mountain hiking guide

His passion are the mountains. Our first choice for many years, Frank leads our hut tours in the mountains.

The "little" brother

His brother Mimos accompanied him on the way from Hellas to Viersen. He loves the sun and endless caresses.

The "big" Greek

Rufus is a native Greek and also knows something about travelling. His passion is "chicken in sauce".