Brisbane 2024 I 66 International Zonta Convention

It has been less than 150 years since a lonely penal colony was established on the Brisbane River, and today Brisbane is a modern city that is considered a tourist hotspot in Australia due to its stunningly beautiful, sun-drenched location by the sea and the numerous holiday destinations surrounding it.

Moreover, the entire eastern part of Australia is a popular hub for visitors from around the world, primarily the popular states of Queensland and New South Wales, which make up Australia's east. In contrast to the sparsely populated Australian "Wild West," where travel from one place to another can sometimes take all day, the east coast is much more lively, with one attraction following another.

With its approximately 2.2 million residents, Brisbane is the capital of the particularly popular state of Queensland. Brisbane became popular due to its comprehensive range of cultural attractions, especially for those who enjoy concerts or theater performances.

As the third-largest city behind the metropolises of Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is a particularly popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Brisbane's international character is as characteristic as the city's many subcultures. Additionally, a strong and significant cultural scene has been established, which is an attraction for artists from all over the world.

And anyway...

Australia's attractions fascinate with contrasts and captivate every visitor. The continent impresses with infinite vastness and diversity. There is something magnificent to discover in every corner of the country. The locals greet friendly with a classic "G'day, how are ya goin?". A beautiful country with a huge heart is just waiting to inspire you.

Experience Australia's impressive diversity. Australia impresses with countless beaches, magnificent national parks, and the oldest culture in the world. Tropical rainforest. Dreamy islands. Oversized coral reefs. Bustling metropolises. World-class wine regions. The Outback. Untouched nature. And a unique wildlife that can't be found anywhere else in the world. All of this is waiting for you! You simply must see Australia with your own eyes.

Brisbane - a gem on Australia's east coast...!