Your travel agency in Viersen - Experienced and full of ideas

"We can't change the wind, but we can set our sails differently."

What do you think it takes to travel on other paths.... to set the sails differently for once?
Longing! A spirit of adventure! Curiosity!

And in addition us, your travel agency with a lot of imagination and lots of good ideas for great journeys!
It is our passion to awaken your desire to travel and inspire you to explore new travel perspectives.

When may we "set the sails in a different way" for you?
We look forward to seeing you!

Journeys. As individual as you are.


We advise you if you are looking for something special to inspire mind, soul and body or to conquer the world with your partner! Whatever you want to experience on your trip, your wish is our incentive. From all the possible travel modules we design your very personal journey. Because we are the travel specialists for individual tours.

We listen carefully to your travel wishes before planning your trip. With our expertise,...

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Explore the most beautiful cities in the world from a new perspective


Come with us on a journey to the great metropolises of this world. We will open the doors behind which spectacular insights and exciting stories are hidden. Tell you about people who have become our good friends over the years. Discover the highlights, the most beautiful places...! Fall in love with the city of your dreams!

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Tailor-made hiking and trekking tours. Relaxing nature tours worldwide.


"Only where you have been on foot have you really been." Hiking sharpens the eye for the beauty of nature and incidentally also serves the health.

Whether you hike in the Alps and spend the night in mountain huts high up in the realm of the gray giants. Or follow the footsteps of antiquity on the island of Crete, or conquer the castles and palaces along the Middle Rhine Valley on your hike.Whether you are drawn along the sea...

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Tension and relaxation with pleasure & culture.


Join P.T.A. TOURS and discover the fascinating world of women's travel! Immerse yourself in a unique combination of relaxation, adventure, culture and community. Our carefully planned journeys offer unforgettable experiences that will fill your body and mind.

P.T.A. TOURS women's journeys are also characterized by their extraordinary flexibility and freedom to design the journey entirely according to individual wishes and...

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The highlights in brief - gladly more often


Sometimes just a short distance is enough to immerse yourself in a completely different world, to leave tension and stress behind. For example, on a 4-day cruise? Enjoy the luxury on board, let yourself be pampered and let the wind blow around your nose! Or travel with us to one of the exciting metropolises of this world...! We think there are endless fantastic possibilities!

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Culture and history, art and architecture


Whether ancient or modern, architecture or art, musical or opera. An Arab proverb says, "Who lives, sees much. Who travels, sees more." Stay open to new ideas and discover foreign horizons. Be curious about the world. Travel to famous cultural monuments around the world.

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With excitement to relaxation - Quality time


Our active trips all over the world let you forget your everyday life very quickly. Whether you hike through the bizarre volcanic landscape on La Palma or ride a dog sled through beautiful winter landscape in Finland - just switch off.

Alone, with a partner or in a group, hiking in Asia, mountain tours in the Alps, on safari in Namibia, desert trekking on camelback or Nordic walking and fitness in Sardinia: We have suitable...

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