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Did you know that state health insurance does generally not compensate the costs of medical return transport? Or that the insurance coverage provided by credit cards or service cards often only partially reimburses expenses incurred? Or that doctors abroad often require cash payments for medical expenses that are not or only partly covered by state health insurance?

We at P.T.A. TOURS trust ERGO travel insurance, the top provider in travel insurance.

Because your travel protection is very important to us!

Trip cancellation/trip curtailment

Illness is the most common reason for the cancellation of a trip. You should always protect yourself against this risk to prevent you from having to pay expensive cancellation fees.

When it comes to travel insurance we recommend the specialist ERGO which offers customised products to cover your trip.

Further information and prices for trip cancellation and trip curtailment.

Trip cancellation and trip curtailment insurance: book online.

Annual insurance (packages and individual)

For frequent travellers who do not want to have to think about finding the right travel insurance over and over again, our partner ERGO offers the perfect solution: the annual insurance usually pays itself off after only two holidays or business trips.
With this insurance you can travel as often as you like during the year and are also protected on weekend trips within Germany.

Further information and prices for annual insurance.

Annual insurance: book online.

All-round complete coverage packages

Do you want maximum safety for the ideal vacation and at a minimum price? Then the travel insurance packages from our partner ERGO are the ideal solution.

The complete coverage includes:

  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Travel curtailment insurance
  • Luggage insurance
  • Travel health insurance
  • Complete coverage service

With this package you can really sit back and relax: before, during and after the trip.

Further information and prices for complete coverage.

Complete coverage: book online.

Travel health insurance

Coverage in case of illness or accident is indispensable when travelling.
Whether you are looking for a doctor in Sardinia or even for a hospital in Bangkok - rely on the experience of our partner ERGO, who quickly and efficiently helps in case of emergency and takes on the medical expenses.

Further information and prices for travel health insurance.

Travel health insurance: book online.

Ticketsafe (ticket insurance)

Have you booked only one flight but still want to protect yourself against the insolvency of the airline or possible cancellation costs? With ticket safe, our partner ERGO provides a customised solution for business or leisure travellers.

Further information and prices for ticketsafe insurance.

Ticketsafe insurance: book online.

Group insurance

Do you want to go to Spain with your bowling club? Or to France with the gospel choir? Or simply rent a cottage in Tuscany with your best friends?
Our partner ERGO provides the right travel insurance for groups of more than 10 people. You can also put together the coverage using the individual components:

  • Complete coverage for groups
  • RVV coverage for groups
  • Travel health insurance for groups
  • Travel cancellation insurance for groups
  • Luggage insurance for groups
  • Travel curtailment insurance for groups

Further information and prices for group insurance.

Group insurance: book online.

Ticket insurance

What happens to the expensive festival tickets if you are stuck in bed with the flu on the day of the performance? Who will reimburse your costs for the Champions League tickets if you are in hospital with a broken leg instead of the cheering in the stadium? With the ticket insurance, our partner ERGO offers a good and inexpensive way to to safeguard yourself against these risks.

Further information and prices for ticket insurance.

Ticket insurance: book online.