About Zonta

The History of Zonta International

Zonta International is a global organization of professional women in leadership positions who share the goal of improving the lives of women in the legal, political, economic, and professional fields. Zonta International is non-partisan, non-sectarian, and politically neutral. Building friendships and mutual support is a fundamental element of our organization, reflected in the motto "Zonta is friendship - worldwide."

There are over 1,100 clubs with 28,000 members in 63 countries worldwide. Diversity is valued, including the mix of professions, talents, generations, and different socializations.

Zonta was founded in the United States in 1919 as the first female service organization. The name Zonta is derived from the symbol language of the Sioux Native Americans and means to act honorably, be trustworthy, and have integrity. The founders chose it as a guide to their own actions. The Zonta emblem symbolizes these goals.

Members come from various professional backgrounds, which is a part of the Zonta philosophy. Looking beyond one's own professional horizon and gaining insight into other professions is a personal benefit for each member and promotes mutual tolerance. The strength of the service work lies in the diversity of professions, to which all members contribute with their skills, knowledge, financial resources, and connections.

The history of Zonta International .... The first years.... I The history of Zonta is closely connected with the development of emancipation and the value of women in the world and is characterized by great personalities such as Amelia Earhart. It is all the more important to continue this development and not to slacken in denouncing grievances and calling them into the consciousness of all people!