Tension and relaxation with pleasure & culture.

Our journeys specifically for women provide a wonderful time away from the major tourist spots. Whether alone, in a group or with your best friend: Forget about your everyday life with us and experience a perfect mixture of excitement and relaxation.

Travel strictly for women

Our popular women's tours have combined nature and cultural experiences, activity and fellowship for over 20 years. We bring together women who love nature, hiking and culture. Many of the women have been traveling with us for many years, and often new friendships develop from the shared experiences and the many inspiring conversations.

Perfect planning, an exciting as well as relaxing program, beautiful, authentic accommodations, but most of all an accompaniment that gives the greatest possible space to the need for individuality - but is always available with unobtrusive support: We offer you your own personal time out without any commitment.

We are with you on site during the trips for women. We hike with you through impressive landscapes off the beaten track, we show you picturesque places and interesting sights. Our hikes know no pressure to perform and yet you discover hidden strengths and forces, grow in the group beyond yourself.

Our current women's trips: