Tension and relaxation with pleasure & culture.

Join P.T.A. TOURS and discover the fascinating world of women's travel! Immerse yourself in a unique combination of relaxation, adventure, culture and community. Our carefully planned journeys offer unforgettable experiences that will fill your body and mind.

P.T.A. TOURS women's journeys are also characterized by their extraordinary flexibility and freedom to design the journey entirely according to individual wishes and interests.

What makes our women's journeys special?

Community: Our Women's traveling provide women with the opportunity to build a strong community and meet other women who share the same interests and passions.

Safety: Our Women's traveling are often organized by women for women, providing a safe environment where women can travel without fear or worries.

A special Program: Our Women's traveling often offer programs specifically tailored to the needs and interests of women, offering unique experiences and activities that are not part of traditional trips.

Personal: We women from P.T.A. TOURS travel together with you and personally take care of a perfect tour on site.

There are a few reasons why women-specific travel can be especially appealing.... our journeys are just one of them!

Journeys for women