About IVV

" Walking is an activity of the legs - and a state of the soul." (Josef Hofmiller)

It is said that hikers are the happier people. Whether it's true may everyone decide for themselves. First of all, hiking means physical activity. And that is quite a lot in this day and age. Because movement outside in the nature makes not only more vital, it keeps us also fit and young!

And so, in 1968, national Volkssport associations from Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and Germany came together and jointly founded the International Volkssport Association (IVV).

In the meantime, in more than 40 member countries worldwide, the promotion of jointly carried out sports activities in the context of Volkesport is being pursued. This mainly means hiking, but also other sports such as swimming, skiing or cycling, but without pursuing any competitive character.

The events, which are held regularly in the member countries, rather contribute to cross-country understanding.

"Friends across borders"... So hiking makes you happier after all...!