Brno & Fulda Two-days-march

Combined tour - Fulda and Brno. Unusual ...? No! Challenging! Only for real IML-walkers...!


Day 01 | Arrival Brno (Brünn)24. Sep

Your arrival will be individual. We are happy to offer you an additional flight journey e.g. to Vienna or Prague from all available departure airports. An optional transfer to Brno can be arranged according to your wishes. Your 3*** hotel in the city centre is already waiting for you. Check in and off you go for your first explorations. B&B

Brno - the "little sister" and proud counterpart to Prague, is becoming more and more popular today. The capital of South Moravia is slowly gaining recognition as a modern city and a centre of modern building and thinking.

Brno (Brno) with its almost 400,000 inhabitants is the second largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague. The city was built between 1021 and 1034 as Brno Castle and later founded as the royal city of Bohemia. Brno is an ancient city rich in customs and traditions. Brno is sometimes called the city of the "wrong time". The reason for this is that during the Swedish attack in the 17th century the city had to withstand until noon on a certain day to prevent a Swedish siege. In order to save the city, the bells of the town hall rang an hour earlier at noon. As a reminder of this event, the bells still strike at noon at 11 o'clock today..... but don't worry, our clocks are "right."

Day 02 | IML Two Days March25. Sep

Welcome to the Brno Two Days March 2021! Individual participation. B&B

Day 03 | IML Two Days March26. Sep

Individual participation in Brno Two Days March 2021! B&B

Day 04 | Prag27. Sep

On your ca. 2½ hour trip to Prague by public bus, the Czech Republic welcomes you in a charming way. Your 3*** hotel is already waiting for you. Check in and off you go to first explorations. B&B

Prague - the city of "a hundred towers", UNESCO monument and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The capital of the Czech Republic has undergone an attractive development over the last 25 years. A rich culture and diverse architecture of the former royal seat and centre of the Bohemian region awaits you. Impressive buildings and sights await you in all parts of Prague, which are worth a trip and a few hours' stay on a tour of the city of millions. Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square, just three of the historic treasures of the metropolis.

Each of Prague's districts has its own unique atmosphere and charm. Prague presents itself to you as a colourful city that likes to change its style: Prague is romantic and busy, ancient and modern - but above all it is a cosmopolitan city...

Day 05 | Discover the jewels of Prague28. Sep

What do you want to do first today? More than a thousand years of building development have left architectural jewels in Prague. Discover the unique history of the city, which has received historical nicknames such as the Petrified Dream or the Golden City. Discover the secrets of gothic monasteries, baroque churches or relax in the beautiful renaissance gardens. Prague will soon convince you why it has been said since the Middle Ages to be the most historically beautiful city in the world. The Hop-on Hop-off ticket allows you to plan your tour at your own pace. And remember, your ticket includes a boat trip on the River Moldau. From riverside you will get new impressive views of this city...! B&B

Day 06 | Discover the jewels of Prague29. Sep

Slept in? You must have enjoyed last night in one of the many lovely little restaurants... Deepen the impressions you gained yesterday and take the time to discover one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. And with the Hop-on Hop-off ticket this is very comfortable. B&B

Day 07 | Goodbye Prague - Welcome in Fulda30. Sep

You are leaving Prague, not without making a promise to come back next summer! There are still so many hidden gems to be discovered!

And now - off to Fulda! Your journey by train to Fulda is relaxing. Your 3*** hotel is already waiting for you. Check in and off you go for your first discoveries. B&B

Fulda - castles, churches, noble palaces, parks and gardens from the 18th century form the central and compact district that gives Fulda its name as a baroque city. The medieval old town and the modern city centre, which invites you to stroll, shop and linger, are only a few steps away from the baroque quarter. Modern museums for young and old complete the offer.

Day 08 | Discover Fulda01. Oct

Leisure time! You use the day at your free disposal. However, you should definitely schedule the registration for the IML Two-Day Hike...!

BAROQUE TOWN FULDA... stands on the signs and indeed, the baroque quarter is a remarkable urban ensemble that characterizes the city. The unique cathedral has no equal in Germany. At the beginning of the 18th century, virtuoso builders and designers created the bright church. Opposite the cathedral a magnificent baroque castle was also built, which today houses a much-visited museum. But Fulda does not only house baroque masterpieces. St. Michael's Church, one of the oldest Romanesque churches on German soil, the medieval old town with the witches' tower, at every turn the present history never seems museum-like here. The old buildings accommodate shops, boutiques as well as a lot of pubs, restaurants and street cafés. Fulda shows itself from its most beautiful side and time flies! B&B

Day 08 | IML Zwei Tage Wanderung02. Oct

Welcome to the Fulda Two-Day Hike 2021! Individual participation. B&B

Day 09 | IML Zwei-Tage-Wanderung03. Oct

Personal participation in the Fulda Two-Day Hike 2021! B&B

Day 10 | Departure04. Oct

Farewell is near. A "little trip around the world" with many wonderful memories are behind you. For your optional return flight, we are also happy to offer you a transfer to F.a. Main Airport according to your wishes.

*** End of services***

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  • Fulda - 4 nights in ½ DBL with breakfast in a 3*** hotel
  • Prague - 48h Hop-on Hop-off Ticket 
  • Continuing the journey by train from Prague to Fulda
  • Individual participation in Brno IML - Two-days march
  • Individual participation in the Fulda IML two-day hike
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- FSME, vaccination possible

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There have recently been isolated outbreaks of West Nile fever in the Czech Republic. Exposure prophylaxis is the only protection against this disease, which is transmitted via diurnal mosquitoes.

Due to the increasing number of infections with the novel 2019-nCoV coronavirus from Wuhan, increased immigration controls must be expected. This is intended to rule out the possibility of a viral disease, particularly among travellers from China. Nevertheless, imported cases of disease may occur in isolated cases. Please also note that travellers who have stayed in China within the last weeks (usually 10 to 30 days) before their planned arrival