The Jogja Heritage Walk Indonesien

Jogjakarta ... the cradle of civilization on Java. Seat of power and magnificent temple. Yogyakarta was known for its endless charms under the motto "Jogja The Never Ending Asia". Today it is also known as "Jogja Istimewa", a slogan that highlights its special values...

This city is one of the most important cultural centers in Indonesia. From a stroll through the living museum of the Kraton or the Keraton (Sultan's Palace), to hanging out in the famous Alun Alun, to watching silversmiths in Kotagede making fantastic jewellery, and perhaps doing some shopping in Malioboro Road. Hunting after sunrise in famous temples like Prambanan and Borobudur in the neighbouring town of Magelang are just some of the many ways to never get bored in this relatively small but lively town.


Day 01 | Arrival Jogjakarta15. Nov

Your arrival will be individual. We are happy to offer you an additional flight to Jogya International Airport from all available departure airports. Your driver is looking forward to driving you to your hotel. Jogyakarta is waiting for you and is open and cordial. B&B

Day 2 | Jogjakarta - Prambanan16. Nov

Yogjakarta - the cradle of civilization on Java; seat of power that gave birth to the magnificent temples of Borobudur and Prambanan in the 8th and 9th centuries and the new powerful Mataram kingdom in the 16th and 17th centuries Yogyakarta - known under the motto "Jogja The Never ending Asia" for its endless charms...

Indeed a city with numerous attractions. Your driver awaits you for an exciting discovery tour. Kraton, the Ruienen of Taman Sari, Old Town with its traditional markets, Prambanan, the most beautiful and graceful Hindu temple in Indonesia - all this and much more is waiting to be discovered. B&B

Day 03 | Day trip Borobodur - Dieng Plateau17. Nov

Dieng - is a small village full of friendly people, situated at an altitude of 2,000 meters, is also known for its Buddhist temples. These are among the oldest in Java and are worth a visit. If you prefer it hot, the Kawah Sikidang will quickly warm you up. Active and bubbling he cooks his sulphurous soup here. Your driver will show you the most spectacular views on the plateau, full of stories from the rich mythology of the Javanese people...! B&B, lunch.

Day 04 | Day trip Solo18. Nov

Surakarta, or colloquially called Solo, is located in the south, in the province of Jawa Tengah on the Bengawan River. Surakarta, together with Yogyakarta, is one of the two centres of Javanese culture where the old courtly traditions have the strongest influence. Reminiscent of this tradition are the palace complex of the Sunan (King) of Surakarta, the Kraton or Kasunanan, and the "junior court" Mangkunegaran, well-preserved testimonies to Java's rich history during Dutch colonial rule. Your driver will certainly report about the origin and demise of the farms again very flowery and with a wink...

Candi Sukuh - "the small temple in the mountains" - is located on the mountain Lawu, at an altitude of 910 m. The temple, a real gem, was already built in 1437. The temple was built high in the mountains - intended as a holy place - to worship the ancestors. The thematic reliefs in the temple bear witness to life, birth and also have sexual education as a theme. Lingga and Yoni are depicted several times as symbols of fruitfulness...B&B, lunch

Day 05 | Discover Yogjakarta19. Nov

Today is at your free disposal. Take your time plan your day as you like and let yourself go. Yogya is known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage. Visit the magnificent royal palace complex (or "craton") dating from the 18th century. In addition to the sultan's palace, which is still inhabited, it contains numerous open-air pavilions where classical Javanese dance performances and gamelan concerts are held, where gongs, bells and stringed instruments are played.

The Bukit Bintang - the "Star Hill" - located in the middle of the city offers a magnificent view over the city. Maybe you will experience a spectacular sunset up here, enjoy a traditional fresh corn on the cob and drink a coconut. In any case, the glittering sea of lights is a fantastic experience and gives a wonderful impression of the seemingly endless expanse of the city. B&B

Day 06 | Yogya Heritage Walk20. Nov

Welcome to the Yogya Heritage Walk 2021! Individual participation. B&B

Day 07 | Yogya Heritage Walk21. Nov

Individual participation in the Yogya Heritage Walk. B&B

Day 08 | Departure22. Nov

Farewell is near. They were inspiring days again. Your driver will host you to the airport. Time to review the intense experiences of the last days. Yogya - we will meet again!

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