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The discovery journeys for the 65th Zonta Convention 2022 I Hamburg

"I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my bucket list."

"I don't want to postpone anything, I do it whenever I can. Every moment, every experience I will store in my heart and never forget. Nothing is more satisfying than fulfilling a dream. For me, experiences and impressions count much more than material things! So I always try to live in the here and now, of course I don't always succeed, but I have it in mind: live the moment!" Susan Sontag

Welcome to our selection of journeys exclusively for Zontians - accompanying the Zonta Covention 2022 in Hamburg.

Experience important Hanseatic cities, go on a cruise on the youngest sea on earth, immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful countries in the world or be a guest at historically significant German places and sites on a trip through the Republic.

We welcome you very warmly!

We will publish more tour programs here soon.

29 June - 09 July, 2022 I 11-days experience-journey comfort coach

Highlights-Tour I Germany

Germany. A country full of amazing nature and fascinating cultural landscape. With impressive history and dramatic history. Rich in art and culture. North or south, east or west, there is much to explore in Germany! Join us on a journey of discovery and be our guest in some of the most important cities of the republic.

We will accompany you to cities and places and make you a little more familiar with the country and its people, their culture and nature

Hamburg I Berlin I Dresden I Bamberg I Rothenburg ob der Tauber I München I Schloss Neuschwanstein I Frankfurt

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29.June - 03. July 2022 I 5-day experience journey by comfort coach

Hanseatic Cities I The best of the North I Short Program

The story is as exciting as a thriller. Adventure, betrayal, war & love. The Hanseatic League could also provide the script for a great historical novel. Countless fates and tragedies are connected with the rise and fall of the brotherhood. But also immeasurable wealth and .... power!

But who or what was the Hanseatic League? As early as 1356, under the leadership of Lübeck, founded in 1159, the Hanseatic League took the step from a loose association as a trading Hanseatic League to an influential Hanseatic League of cities. And thus began the rise to one of the most powerful and influential trade alliances in history.

Hamburg I Rostock I Darß / Zingst I Wismar I Lübeck I Ship tour Lübeck - Travemünde I Hamburg

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Cruise I Baltic Sea

In terms of geological history, the Baltic Sea is still in its infancy at just 12,000 years old. And yet it has already experienced a lot in its young life. Whether trade and wealth, wars and conquests, art and culture - the Baltic Sea has always been a link between the peoples on its shores and beyond!

And so it is certainly not surprising that important cities are among the highlights of every Baltic Sea cruise... Tallinn, Stockholm, St. Petersburg or Helsinki. All magnificent and full of history and culture.... Cruise highlights aboard the MSC Preziosa.

Kiel I Tallinn I St. Petersburg I Helsinki I Stockholm I Kiel


8-day cruise from 18 - 25 June 2022

Cruise I Northern Europe

Once in a lifetime to Norway - this is the dream of many travelers. Why? There is a remarkably simple explanation: it is simply one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

From watching fascinating wildlife to dog sledding, from auroras to breathtaking landscapes, from Oslo to Spitsbergen.

And we would like to fulfill this dream "once in a lifetime to Norway" with this ship tour a little bit. Just enough to strengthen the desire to want to come again, to probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

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