South Korea - the "land of the morning silence ..."

Old and new - opposites attract. Nowhere it is more noticeable than in South Korea!

Tradition and modernity are not a contradiction, but lived culture. Shopping centers and neon signs alternate with historic palaces and ancient landmarks. Anyone who can engage with opposites will feel welcome in South Korea.

Seoul is considered to be the exciting, bustling metropolis in a country that is particularly convincing with its scenic attractions, beautiful beaches and natural wonders, characterized by rugged mountains, deep gorges, roaring rivers and lush fields.

Nearly 3,500 islands lie off the South Korean coast and contribute to the country's magnetism. The population attaches great importance to the maintenance of cultural rites and customs, which are still lived and celebrated across generations.

In 2018, the country was also in focus, as the South Korean city of Pyeongchang hosted the Winter Olympics. After the summer games in Seoul in 1988, South Korea hosted the Olympic Games for the second time. And now for the first time it is the host of the IVV Volkssport Olympiad.

Travel with us and discover a country full of sights and fascinating culture. Enjoy Asian hospitality and be part of the great popular sports movement. Seoul here we come!

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