The beginning of a successful journey ...

"Personal,Terrific.Alternative." is more than ever our motivation and the our guiding principle.

Do not expect "catalog goods".

Creativity, professionalism, many years of experience and the feeling for the wishes of the guests flow into the individually planned, hand-made journeys.

"It is very important for us to understand the wishes, expectations and motives of the interested guests. Out of this relationship, our tourism expertise, personal contacts in all parts of the world, and our enthusiasm for the unusual, we create special travel, recommendations, and ultimately, happy guests.

Quality is not a luxury.

Rather, it is our incentive to realize your holiday wishes and travel motives from the best possible services for a reasonable price. And while not losing sight of the big picture despite all the attention to detail, makes a trip to a perfectly organized dream trip.

"For each target group to enable unique experiences, whether in a group, alone or as a couple - we would like to turn your trip into your trip. Individually and very unique."

Simply "Personal.Terrific.Alternativ."

"Only where you were on foot, you have really been."

Already John Wolfgang von Goethe knew that hiking sharpens the view of the beauty of nature and incidentally also good health benefits.

And no matter which path you take, the path is the destination. Whether you stay in the Alps for hiking and sleep in a mountain hut high up under the peaks of the mountains. Or if you follow the traces of antiquity on the island of Crete or if you want to conquer the castles and palaces along the Middle Rhine Valley on your walk.

Whether it pulls you along the sea on craggy coastal paths to the outermost landmarks of our continent; or you just want to "hear" the silence high on Mt. Fuji as the sun rises over the horizon in the morning.

Especially this magic moments makes feel our trips special.

"Our certified guides are specialized in the hiking regions of the world, are experienced and sensitive. Together with them we plan the hiking tours, discuss what works and what does not, determine the character of the tour. Because hiking should be fun, serve relaxation and be in harmony with nature."

"Details are far more than just details; and only they make the product."

"Every element of a journey must match the demands, quality and character of the guests. That's why we get a personal impression of the place as often as possible. So we know what we promise! Together with our local agents, we will be your contact person if we accompany your journey and take care of your undisturbed travel pleasure and carefree holiday pleasures. And it doesn't matter if you travel in a group, alone or as a couple."

And when do we talk about your individual amazing holiday?

P.T.A. TOURS - Personal.Terrific.Alternativ.